Dragon Wedding Ring, Dragon Con: A Destination For Unconventional Weddings

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Dragon Wedding Ring – Dragon Con, an annual pop-culture conference and science afternoon weekend at the Holiday Inn in Atlanta, is the birthplace of memories. Some of these memories include a node.

The meeting follows a rigorous program and cannot organize or celebrate marriages, but it does not prevent couples from marrying.

Dragon Wedding Ring

In 2015, Ashley Paramore and Justin Robert Young introduced the Hilton Atlanta at Crystal Hall, one of the five hotels at Dragon Con Hotel. Dragon Cona’s wedding was the end of the jury’s junior season. No more podcasts on the way to the altar. A few months later a video was released from the end of the season.

The couple were legally married in California a few days ago, but these years came to Dragon Con to celebrate where they met.

The wedding was dressed as “Game Throne” and a friend of “Battlestar Galactica”.The florist was an alien, and the ring carrier was trained as a medieval soldier.

“It was really a pop culture,” Young said.The couple changed, made the first dance and took with the audience. They cut the wedding cake with the jury when the audience enjoyed the mini-cake. There was also a scenario donation.

The couple got a traditional toaster or what they called a galactic Cylons beacon that traces bad robots, and Paramore got a vegan cake that looked like an iron throne. .

The last donor, an English friend, came to the stage with a toy.

“He was a bad man,” said Paramore.And it was also Sajlonac, who escaped the discovery. He married a couple with his sword, then the other spectators came to the stage and “killed” the whole marriage, like the famous “Red Weddings” in “Throne” games.

“It was the end of our marriage,” said Paramore.

Later, a happy and happy couple enjoyed a private dinner in the restaurant.

“We had no scheduled reception at night, so it was better to know that it was over, and then we ate,” said Paramore.

Nor do they value it for planning a marriage anymore.”When you are married to a friendly soul, there is another distance if you don’t have to plan a wedding,” Young said.

Dragon Contender

The other couples called their friends and celebrated Dragon Con and tried to arrange a wedding on earth, even though the convention did not allow them to organize such weddings.

In 2017, the usual guests of Dragon Con, Emily and Chase Swiatek planned to celebrate a wedding at the Marriott Marriott Marquis, but eventually ended up at the Hilton Atlanta hotel.

His marriage includes his daughter, who was officially covered in Deadpool and a dozen friends. There was no bridesmaid or groom. Chase camouflage in “Zelda” and Emily was left shoulder, satanic.

For Swiateks, Dragon Con’s marriage worked better than stress management in traditional wedding planning. At first, the couple tried to design many traditional marriages.

“We still had plans and were still very expensive,” Chase said. “And we didn’t feel at home.”The couple wanted them to be the day and they didn’t want to make sure they were all happy.

“It’s a combination where you can marry, so you love the theme you want,” Emily said, “and it was also a mini-honeymoon.”

Wyndham Wedding

The participants of Dragon Con, Kevin and Laure will close their first birthday in Dragon Con’s this year. In 2017, the couple had a small meeting with their friends along the stairs at SunTrust Plaza, on the edge of Dragon Con.

Kevin and Laura are already married in New York, but they wanted to do something special for Dragon Con.

“We have friends we see every year in Georgia,” said Laura. “We really wanted to celebrate with them because they couldn’t come to New York.”

They tried to reach the Aquarius in Georgia and asked if they could reserve a room, but the aquarium couldn’t guarantee it.

So to save money and avoid uncertainty, Kevin and Laura closed the wedding. Kevin used a light blue suit, like Wyndham Hotel Wyzard and Laura was Sophie of Howlin Castle. Kevin also used his suit in New York.

“We strive to determine the budget, color and everything else,” Laura said. “I told him I had this food, we should take it to the wedding, so it also works as a cosplay.”

Kevin released an image of her online costume and contacted Wyndham Hotels, who offered a short break at Clearwater, Florida. Unfortunately, his trip ended in bad weather.

In general, Kevin said that “there are three different experiences together”. She rushed with the meeting and allowed her to celebrate with her friends in a way she couldn’t do with her family.

“We had fun with Dragon Con,” he said, “and finally we found it well.”

“We usually say that Dragon Con celebrates what we love, but sometimes it is what we love,” says Dan Carroll, the relationship between Dragon Con’s suppliersleader of the company. Although Dragon Con does not celebrate the usual wedding, we have five hotels and two American buildings, people are trying to celebrate the celebrations and many places in the city to arrange them.

“If people want to get married in the convention, we want good results and give them a place to meet their needs.”

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