Clearance Wedding Rings, Chaarat Gold Receives Clearance For Kapan Acquisition

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Clearance Wedding Rings – The Chars continue their work with the details of the transition with Polymetos and made significant progress in performing high-level operational tasks at the Kapan mine, bringing operational improvements and developing a detailed 100-day plan.

Chaarat Gold Holdings Limited (LON: CGH) has now received monopoly approval for buying caps.

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Approval by the State Competition Committee for Armenia is available.
The Chaarat explained that the deal had been completed as planned and that the financing of the acquisition had been completed.

Due to the forthcoming holidays in Armenia and Russia, the deadline for purchasing Kapan can be extended from January 15, 2019 to January 31, 2016 in Kapan, PTML Holding. The subsidiary Polymetal International PLC and Chaarata finance the banks.

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