Fingerprint Wedding Rings, Fingerprint Wedding Bands Will Give New Meaning To The Phrase “I Do!”

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Fingerprint Wedding Rings – Discrimination against traditional marriage practices continues with the new upward trend: fingerprint fingers! Im_High_Tech Reddit recently released an image of his romantic alliance, which has been identified by his wife.

“A few years ago I saw the same man with a similar tree and thought that the wedding ring was more unique than what I bought at the supermarket, so I contacted the online store.” and I asked him to do this with white gold on a black plate with the symbol. ”

Fingerprint Wedding Rings

In general, the cost of a customs union is “just under $ 1,000” according to Reddit. And now you’ve probably wondered how he managed to pass a faithful copy of his wife’s offspring to his faith. The imaginative man said it took a lot more effort than I thought.

“I had a thumb diving ink about 70 times to get the perfect fingerprint, and then I had to go to Photoshop because at the microscopic level the fingerprint was very dirty,” he writes.

As for his wife’s ring design, Im_High_Tech said he chose “traditional” things and his wife surprised the middle three-quarter ally.

“It’s also my biggest advantage,” said Im_High_Tech about his alliance, but we do not agree. Nothing says “forever” how you write your partner’s fingerprint, right?

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