Wolf Wedding Rings, Bohemian Rhapsody: Inside Laura Cheung And James Wolf’s Wedding

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Wolf Wedding Rings – If you want to explore the creative retreat of furniture and furniture at Lala Curio, Saw Wa Fong and Wan Chai, the owner does not expect a typical white wedding.

Laura Cheung In Taiwan, craftsmen were chosen to defend the founder’s personality, which runs at your own pace, the real curiosity of the treasure and the almost theatrical aesthetic.

Wolf Wedding Rings

Therefore, it was unlikely that Laurin’s marriage to handsome James Wolf was a banality in the exact meaning of the word. It was a ceremony filled with colors, speed and personality, and just a touch of circus, owned by Cary Grant in Palm Springs, California.

Laura and James met for the first time at a dinner organized by Laura in Happy Valley. James looked at Laura but was not available. A few years later, however, the couple improved at lunch.

“I was with a friend,” Laura said. “My friend is looking for a friend so I called James and his friend for dinner, so we could put them together.”

Although Laura is a mediator, James saw the perfect opportunity to open the field, a race that led her from Hong Kong to Macau, Okinawa and New York.

The proposal came three years after the couple met when they walked to Mount Hinode in Tokyo. “I was hungry, I was disgusted and thought,” Why are you going so far? “Cheung said,” But there was a good look and he suggested that I had a box, so I jumped and thought, “Yes!”

The marriage took place one year after finding the three continents. Japan, where the boy lived, was the first option, but because of the size of the night and the harm to everyone, the size was reduced to zero. Sting’s house in Italy could be another option, but even it is left out because Laura says “we have a special relationship with Italy and we chose the destination when there is no place in our history.”

The couple finally closed the property of the old Cary Grant at Villa Paradison, Palm Springs. It was never rented, it was for sale. “James’s grandfather was a naval admirer,” Laura says. “He is an American hero, and Cary Grant appeared in Hollywood movie” Operation Petticoat “in honor of James’ grandfather, Admiral Dempsey, and the owner’s story seemed very funny and decided to hire.”

Laura has gained a lot of experience in design, because she worked in the fashion industry in New York and knew exactly what she wanted. So a couple hired a designer spell.

A big day
The welcome dinner at Colony Palms consisted of nightclubs with eclectic and bohemian décor, featuring Dries Van Noten’s palette of flowers, the size of a man and a light tip. to those gods who cross the huge neon sign written for “Lala Wolf”.

The guests were tacos when they waited for the Mariachi group scene that had never appeared. Luckily, his friends had a surprise without knowing the bride. They have released their best friend for a T-shirt and dance axes for choreography with Despacito.

The following morning, Laura asked a good friend, Phil Blandow, to make portraits in and around the building for a family tea ceremony and then during the vote. Laurin’s father took him in the hallway when his bridesmaids sang “Can Tom Help”.

“An hour before I went to the hall, I was very nervous, I couldn’t breathe nervously,” Laura says. I laughed? For real? Luckily, the sun projects my eyes as if I were sitting at the projector stage and you’re not afraid because you can’t see anyone. And then I saw my husband in front of him.

Laura told me she promised “to look for our dog Foxy feces because James does it all”. He adds that everyone laughed. “He did it personally and simpler.”

The first ceremonial wedding ceremony followed the ceremony when five synchronized swimmers jumped into the pool to entertain the guests. “It’s so old in Hollywood,” Laura says. “For me, the solution during the event is very important for a long time, they want here and there a surprise factor that makes people happy and uphold morality.”

During the dinner, the couple came in and exploded in front of a DJ violinist who was about three layers in a rotating column, in which he said an amazing interior that young and old, young and old enjoyed the confetti.

special features
The decoration was the greatest expected gloss. “Lala Curio is really my personal aesthetic,” Laura says, “and I wanted to show some of our works.” TORK is very difficult. “Centers or agate or stone, five types of tablecloths and objects in a stylish chinoiseria, including holders and cardholders in the form of napkins,” also consciously with all our friends, “adds the bride, so that people get confused with what they want.”

As a health fanatic, James made sure that all food was bought locally and locally, and showed me that the farms were bought. Friends Smyles Sweet Food drank gluten free, so there were no cakes. “We didn’t want anything ordinary,” Laura says.

In addition to the “young lover”, “speaking was incredible”. “Some of the sweaters are so good, but for Cheungs it’s not our area, we went to the United States with a lot of friends, but my father killed him completely, everyone said they were doing a TV comedy program.”

Entertainment was organized at the Tiki Bar, which had a gay theme where you can find a nice queen. “I’ve never seen and been more than comfortable and inappropriate,” Laura laughs. “Our parents and friends were there and I liked it, people danced in the storm.”

Although far from the original project to build an improvised wedding in Coachella in the desert, the dive bar was finally the right choice. “I was very happy,” he says. “People always say you are afraid that everything is fine and that it is okay, but I enjoy it completely.”

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