Ruby Wedding Ring, Sarah Ferguson Engagement Ring: When Did She Stop Wearing It? Where Is It Now?

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Ruby Wedding Ring – The Duke of York, SARAH FERGUSON, is a former wife of the king’s sons, Duke Andrewan. The king gave him a ruby ​​ring. When did you stop?
Sarah Ferguson, named Fergie, is a passionate redhead who married the queen’s second eldest son.

The migrant, 58, married his prince in 1986 by millions of people.Knight Andrew gave Fergie a beautiful engagement ring with Burma’s rubies and diamonds.

Ruby Wedding Ring

He had a style that looked like Princess Diani, Sarah’s good friend.Andrew and Sarah announced their departure in 1992 and were legally distributed four years later.

However, the red gem was still in use by Sara.In fact, Fergie last used the tire on 6 September 2000 publicly, four years after the divorce and eight years after the divorce.

The event was the first day of Princess Beatriz at the San Jorge School.Sarah’s ring was visible when she saw her daughter kiss her.

Earlier, Sarah saw the tire on December 7, 1995.In the interview, Prince Andrew told the media: “We came to the conclusion that the red color is Sarah’s best color.

“We came with ruby.”The extra space of the open space wanted something unusual.”

How much is Sarah Ferguson’s engagement ring lost?

The ring is made by Garrard, who also made an engagement ring from Dian.Although the total cost of the tire is not known, it can be assumed that the price was quite high due to expensive mid-rocks.

Greetings from the Burmese ruby ​​Andrew chose for Fergie’s red hair cost him £ 25,000.For inflation, the same stone would cost £ 75,350 today.

You don’t believe how precious Princess Diane’s ring is.

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