Bella’s Wedding Ring,Bella Hadid Would Elope With The Weeknd ‘In A Heartbeat’: She’s ‘Madly In Love’ With Him

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Bella’s Wedding Ring – Bella Hadid fled the weekend “In the Heart”: with her “completely in love”.
Bella Hadid Elope on the weekend

Bella Hadid does not have an engagement ring but does not participate in the “wedding” line with The Weeknd, HL has learned EXCLUSIVE! Do you think he also has children with a successful producer?

Bella’s Wedding Ring

Bella Hadid, 22, has officially joined The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) this summer and is already listening to the wedding ring, says we leave. “Bella is in love with Abel and wants to escape immediately,” said source near Bell EXCLUSIVE HollywoodLife.

And love is not just a fault because our source continues: “Both have a busy schedule, so I think a quick wedding can be fun.” , UAE, Japan and more this season. Even the wedding at this point can be a nice idea, we found that Bella had already told Abel!

“Even though they were not even committed, they talked about marriage and would like to be a woman to Abel,” the source says. “Even though Bella also wants to get a big wedding with friends and her family, she would also be happy with her romantic escape, the wedding on the beach.”

Bella and The Weeknd were released in 2015, but were suspended from November 2016 to 2017. Their divorce has become a distant memory when Abel released nine large photos and videos on Instagram. He and Bella were preparing for the PDA on October 9th! Bella visited her Instagram on October 16 to send Abel a picture of her tangent tip. “Home” is a romantic recording of his birthday in New York.

The second round of relations worked so well that Bella dreamed more than marriage! “Bella thought she had children with Abel and believed her children to be beautiful,” she admits.

We look forward to three families, Bell and Abel! The week was open to the opportunity to have children earlier; We only hope that your vision of marriage has changed.

“I feel like a child who loves children for a wedding,” he told GQ in an interview published in February 2017. At that time, the singer Call Out My Name came out with Selena Gomez. “The first thing kids have, marriage scares me, my friend.”

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