Gucci Wedding Ring, Gucci Mane’s 15-carat Diamond Pinky Ring Costs $500K

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Gucci Wedding Ring – Gucci Mane is the king of self-proclaimed jewels and puts his collection in his mouth.A 38-year-old representative recently showed GQ some of his most expensive diamond pieces, including three Quavo platinum bracelets, a shift and takeoff. Through the group, he helped win the celebrity.

“All they do is platinum, and all three are platinum,” he says, paying $ 250,000 and a 1.5 carat diamond.

Gucci Wedding Ring

However, one of the most impressive pieces of Manea’s pink ring has inspired a huge combination of three stones.

“I wanted a pink ring that could go smooth,” the star says. The result is a $ 500,000 Miami Diamond Club ring with two small (but still large) diamonds surrounded by a mid-15 carat tone.

“I don’t want to continue playing,” says Mane in the video. “I see rappers, they have seven or eight rings, they just get a tire from F-King!”

Another piece of music, Audemars Piguet, is looking at her as a “big dog,” worth over $ 1 million and set with diamonds.

Mane also created one of his most famous works, an ice chain that inspired his tattoo in the same model, in a smaller and “elegant” form.

However, this is a pair of solitaire diamond earrings that seem to be at its highest point, to the point that the rapper does not want to say how much he has spent.

“It’s nice to shine, it’s nice to reward yourself, have fun, it’s fun to help people, but the more we have, the more we can help,” he says.

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