Flat Wedding Rings, Trend File: The Flat Ring Band Hits Its Stride


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Flat Wedding Rings – The rebirth of the design of liquid and free jewelery, inspired by non-conformists such as Else Peretti and Robert Lee Morris, is in full swing (see styles and curls inspired by Arian Boussard, practitioners).

Along with this liquid metal, the design celebrates sharp corners and clearly shaped shapes, because the styles look like basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles and very popular hexagons.

Flat Wedding Rings

This edge is now valid for verandas that are generally rounded or semicircular, even though the angles are anchored for several years.

The square strip of the square strip has long been a progressive object, but now the look comes in the jewelry collection. Additional angles update diamond rings and classic jewelery designs and are trendy products that are recommended for customers who want to reuse diamonds or grandmothers.

This trend is (at least partly) an inspiration for the fact that fashion collections, especially Foundrae and Gabriela Artiga, have a group of cigars. Brilliant Earth and Anna Sheffield are wedding brands that currently offer stylish flat tires.

These are some of the most popular designs on the market.

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