Two Tone Wedding Ring Sets, Why More Brides Are Opting For Nontraditional Engagement Rings

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Two Tone Wedding Ring Sets – Neil Lane knows the Hollywood Bachelor and Diamond Lover engagement ring stylist wedding. Dos and Don’ts are your vision of any bride.

Question: I like the idea of ​​a traditional engagement ring, but I’m afraid this will get worse in the coming years. How do I find a style that lasts long, but is it with me?

A: Today, the whole marriage experience is not traditional. From country to wreaths, from spiritual marriages to mini-months, more than ever couples go against electricity to make their associations unique.

Two Tone Wedding Ring Sets

The ring will undoubtedly expand the traditional marriage! Diamonds and colored jewels were once an avant-garde option, but their popularity grew and improved. (And now we share these beautiful non-traditional gems with the future bride around the world as part of the Neil Lane Bridal Collection).

Don’t be afraid to kiss her. Choosing a colored stone can be a bold decision if you talk about it forever, but the ring feels better. Some of the most famous engagement rings are colorful stones, deep blue sapphires used by Kate Middleton and Penelope Cruz with emerald emeralds that you can see in Halle Barry and Victoria in Beckham.

So choose a non-traditional tire that tells your love story.

Colored stone
Colored stones such as sapphire, ruby ​​or emerald adorn the daily look. If you want to add color, but don’t want to completely give up the diamond tradition, the three stone rings are a great alternative with deep meaning and tells a unique love story.

Decoration symbolizes a couple’s past, present and future, or it can represent friendship, love, and loyalty. Look at the ring chosen by Eric Johnson for Jessica Simpson (above), which has a large, medium-stone-shaped ruby ​​stone surrounded by pear-shaped diamonds. Ruby is not only Jessica’s happy stone, but also love. It is one of the most romantic, rare and special family jewelery items.

Central red stone
You may want to touch the color of darker than rubies or sapphires. If you are looking for a modern and versatile rock, Morganite is the place for you. They say that this beautiful pink stone brings joy and respect to life, symbolizing absolute love.

Morgans grow in a lonely environment and mix well with brilliant diamonds in a more complex environment. One of my favorite creations is a morgani who is married to halo and creates a soft and feminine look. If you want to enlarge the rose, place the stones in the rose gold. This makes it a playful combination that remains monochrome.

A unique environment
There are ways to design an incredible tire without leaving white and shiny diamonds. Mix and Match create a surprising contrast. Try the key tent or middle oval stones surrounded by a small round diamond halo, a modern antique ring. My second favorite is an alloy.

Regardless of whether or not they believe, a double engagement ring is one of the most versatile styles that makes stress more suitable for other jewels than ever before. Create a beautiful approach that emphasizes your middle stone with a platinum frame with a golden stripe, or a more sophisticated design with a sophisticated platinum size and a golden knitting pin.

Do not forget that I am your marriage, ring and hand. So do not hesitate to do something brave or unexpected. Make sure the tire is used every day at any age. Although the honeymoon becomes unusual, there is a long tradition: the ring is always a symbol and a celebration of love.

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