Redesign Wedding Ring, Irish Women’s Tastes In Engagement Rings Are Changing

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Redesign Wedding Ring – In the latest version of Sophie True Diamonds, the third-generation jeweler Sophie Collins introduced the latest trends in the Angažmanskom ring.

The famous diamond expert, Sophie, makes English rings and special occasions in his consultancy in Dublin. In the last two years, pink and yellow gold have grown significantly in modern, classic and classic design.

Redesign Wedding Ring

It also points to the celebrity’s influence on the customer’s wish list. Other trends, such as redesign of jewelery in other European countries, must continue to be won at home.

Sophie said: “Shortly before the millennium, Northern Europe, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan were in great demand for platinum and white gold.” Like everything, the taste changes. 18 carat platinum, I have seen during the Great pink gold demand in the last two years.

“Modern pink gold differs from what we have not forgotten about my grandmother’s jeweler.” An ancient golden rose contains a cup of copper that gives a slightly rusty tone. Nowadays Pink golden tones are much softer, almost radiant skin, pink gold, pink gold Pink tones typical Irish tones on the skin and it’s great. ”

Sophie added that rose gold and yellow gold provide a good contrast between the colors of metal and colored diamonds, which means more jewels.

The Irish are also inspiring celebrities. Sapphire’s claims were told when Prince William and Kate were involved.

The same happened with diamond princesses and jewels when Ben Affleck took Jennifer Lopez. (We hope the novels lived longer).

Although Pink Diamonds are not included in many price ranges, Pink Stones, especially Pink Sapphires, grew. Sophie was re-registered in a stylish bed after Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophie Hunter suggested that a white diamond be placed on a pillow surrounded by a diamond halo with a thin and delicate ribbon.

The new trend that has not yet arrived in Ireland is the amendment. “The Irish are very emotional and do not change their gangs, it is important to choose an environment that will last forever, but the continent is more common in different tires and tendencies to re-taste.” Adjust the design to your current situation, you can also change other small things to create something else.

I have a client with a pair of earrings that are no longer used. Solitaire, with three stones, or you can make hereditary jewelry, can be her grandmother’s ring, but this is not the style you normally use, you can do something to do what you do. “

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