Craigslist Wedding Rings, Craigslist Reunites Lucky Woman With Engagement Ring Lost Off The Hawaiian Coast

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Craigslist Wedding Rings – When Laura Mitrowski was at home on a family vacation in Hawaii, Massachusetts, she didn’t expect to lose her engagement ring when she fell to the sky.

But thanks to the heartbreaking man and the informal meeting at Craigslist, the ring is put on his finger again as he lost to the sea on Lawai Beach.

Craigslist Wedding Rings

“I can’t believe everything has happened,” Mitrowski told ABC News. “Uin in large quantities and tires never dropped that we found it incredible.”

As soon as Mitrowski left the water on Saturday, he noticed something was wrong.”We were married for 12 years and as soon as I got out of the water, my hands became fun,” he said. “I sat on my chair and thought,” Oh no, he fell into the water, “and my husband was still in the water and greeted him hysterically on the beach.

That night, the diving expert went to Craigslist to deliver a message about his missing tire.

“Some people said they would take it right away, but on Monday night I got an email from Mike that he thought he had found it,” Mike Smith said. A man who found his ring. “He said he would announce that he had found a tire on Craigslist, then he saw my ad and then answered.”

To get the Mitrovic tire, Smith asked him to describe it.”I told him there was a break in the group,” he remembers and finishes the deal.

Two met on Tuesday morning to bring the tire back and Mitrowski no longer felt lighter.

“He said it was a coincidence,” he said of Smith, who found the pearl. “He saw a scale that looked good and raised it, and the ring came out of the sand or something crazy.”

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