Soft Wedding Rings, Cute Soft Wedding Rings And Impressive Plain Gold Wedding Band Womens And Wedding Ring Set Two

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Soft Wedding Rings – The Rock It Wedding Soft Bio-Ring Series is made of solid gold in the lost wax technique. With a single manual cut, each section combines a curved look and a stylish, comfortable inner profile for maximum comfort every day with an efficient handprint.

The tire can be made in different widths and you can choose from 9 to 18 carat white, yellow or pink gold, shiny or brushed satin. You can choose the black details of the ring ruthenium to emphasize the contrast of well structured organic surfaces.

Soft Wedding Rings

This extra surface layer is worn and designed for cleaning and degradation. Relax and enjoy the changing of the circumference over time.

Keep in mind that these rings are handmade and that hand-carved traces from one ring to another are never the same, making your tire so beautiful.

Remember that tires are handmade and your patience is appreciated when you make a tire. Size can last up to two weeks and sometimes longer, like Christmas. Therefore, plan your purchase beforehand if it is needed on a given day.

When you place an order, we confirm the size by sending a ringtone that allows you to accurately measure your finger.

These tires are also available in platinum. Contact us.

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