Chinese Wedding Ring, Two-year-old Chinese Girl Swallows Mother’s Diamond Ring

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Chinese Wedding Ring – A two-year-old girl in South China was accidentally absorbed by her mother’s diamond ring when she announced her local television.

Her mother, identified only by her surname Deng, gave her a ring to her daughter when she asked her to play with her on Friday at home in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

Chinese Wedding Ring

Deng fell ten minutes before his daughter shouted to wake up to sleep. He realized that his daughter swallowed the item when the child showed him in his mouth and said, “Ring.”

Deng took the girl to a hospital where doctors found the body’s esophagus.

“The ring has sharp edges”. If a baby cries or swallows, the ring may fall on its stomach and cause more injuries, ”said Chen Chen of a traditional Chinese hospital and western medicine in Zhuhai.

The doctors successfully removed the ring after surgery, and the girl had no other injuries.

Chen warned parents not to allow children under three years of age to play with the ring, buttons or other small items because they have to swallow.

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