Southwest Wedding Rings, A Vibrant Southwestern Wedding In The Sedona Desert

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Southwest Wedding Rings – Three years ago, when Julie Geer and Jennifer Rorick met at Tinder in October 2014, Julie came to a surprised home. “I went shopping and when I went home, the flowers were on the table,” he recalls.

“Yen said he didn’t know who they were, but when I read the newspaper, it was the beginning of his suggestion.” The Yen was planning to enjoy wreaths, champagne and berries throughout the afternoon and a complete list of solemn songs that had been seen. “It was perfect,” he says.

Southwest Wedding Rings

Two women live in Los Angeles, but they have family and friends around the country. So they knew they were getting married. “We’re looking for places in Palm Springs and Mau, and then we went to Thanksgiving 2017 and stopped at Sedona,” Jen said. “We fell in love with this area and during the stay, Amare Resort & Spa drank a drink on Adirondack chairs with red stones.

” The room was a perfect size and atmosphere for an intimate wedding that we had. Julie said: “They booked the hotel on May 12, 2018 and invited 56 guests.” We wanted the wedding to be fun and only include the greetings we want to share with all our guests.

Enjoy and enjoy your time, ”says Jen, inspired by a hotel environment with pink, orange and purple, reflecting the southwest floods.One of Julie’s and Jens’ favorite moments in her wedding was photographing red stones. “Be outdoors

For those epic portions, it was time to spend our time – says Julie.

Official: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are involved

Brides who are bought separately from their clothes are looking for something unusual. Julie uses a wide skirt and a BHLDN blouse. “I want to wear a shirt,” he says. The advice of Julien BHLDN gave him the best advice: “He told me that finding a wedding dress looks like a partner, and when you find this person, stop watching, you never know 100: a. Market, but he decided to intervene and eventually he If he was happy with his equipment, stop asking questions, he says.

At the same time, Jen discovered the Halcon Heritage garment. “I’ve never expected to marry a monkey, but I also loved her,” she says.

Brides used unmatched lids, each with different dentures and pink colors. Julie added a white pound to the patterned organic look.

Both brides use personal rings with family members. The Julian ring is decorated with a mother’s diamond, a diamond made by a miner, while two Jens rings represent the mother’s mother and mother’s stones.

“My friend Blake saved her marriage,” says Julie. “He joked in his speech that he repeated that we wanted an intimate wedding as long as he didn’t ask for this idea, but a few weeks later we would ask you to be our officer.” The ceremony included reading Anthony Kennedy, EE Cummings and Maya Angelou.

Lawn Amare has been refurbished for celebration, lights and chairs around the dance floor.

Instead of traditional accompanying cards, the name and number of each guest guestbook are written in the matchbox. “We really wanted to keep personal things, and instead of using official names, every box we think fit is just like we think people are in real life,” Jen says.

The tables were decorated with wooden boxes full of roses and angels. “The number of tables used by one of our friends in Los Angeles in November 2017,” Julie adds. “They went out of our environment, so we have them back!”

Julie and Jen shared their first dance with Beach Boys “Forever”. “Our parents were surprised by the intervention in the last verse that was so special,” remembers Julie.

Julien’s cousin Caroline stores an exhibition on the dance floor. “He was 15 months old and walked with his biggest smile on his face,” Julie says.

Other guests followed the celebrations from the balcony with the wine in their hand and congratulated the next day to congratulate them and tell them how much they enjoyed the celebration. “I was so strange that I was anchored and shared and enjoyed every moment,” Jen says. “Love is and will always be reciprocity”.

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