Eco Friendly Wedding Rings, Put An Ethical Ring On It: Where To Shop Ethical And Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

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Eco Friendly Wedding Rings – They say diamonds are the best friends of girls, and in the case of the bride many would agree that diamonds are necessary, but at what price?

The diamond world trade has a dark side, bloody diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, are associated with many difficult realities. Industry finances civil wars and violence, exploitation and the constant suffering of workers and the destruction of the environment.

Eco Friendly Wedding Rings

These conflicting diamonds are exploited in violent and immoral situations, and in some cases military and police authorities are associated with mining companies that exploit these conflict diamonds.

In 1998, Global Witness released a report on the use of diamonds, which contradict each other to finance civil war in Angola, Africa. It has become more and more conscious and has opened an important debate on the negative actions of the world diamond industry, as many conflict diamonds are still sold to the public without our knowledge.

Conflict area: because ethical jewelry is the best option

As the Valentine’s Day approaches, we have drawn up a list of jewelery designers who make a socially responsible commitment without diamonds from war. There is no special order here …

Jewelry Natalie Marie
Sydney Designer on the northern beaches, designer jewelery designer Natalie Marie Fitch, is committed to ensuring ethical and durable production components from raw material to finished product at her Avalon workshop. Diamonds certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to be purchased and cut in accordance with the requirements of the United Nations.

Half-pieces are imported from an American family business in accordance with strict ethical standards and sustainable development. The designer buys material from a local supplier that only produces recycled material. The use of real gold in its pieces uses 100% Australian gold. The remainder of the study is recycled and reused. In addition to engagement rings, wedding rings for men and women and the opportunity to create a gemstone, Natalie Marie Fitch’s designer jewelry reveals.

Love uses semi-precious stones and diamonds from ethical sources, recycled materials, and durable packaging? To ensure that their diamonds do not conflict, they work with diamond suppliers under strict conditions to comply with the international best practice framework. mines support the conflict of welfare workers threatened by extinction.

Amore is currently working with, a non-profit organization that provides communities that need secure funding for water and water support projects, including hygiene education and health practices. Buying Do Amore builds a community water project that needs urgent support. This initiative is so open that you can view the order number and learn more about the location and benefits of the purchased tire.

Real marriage and gold
With all the problems of the diamond industry, the brand of jewelry goes further in its innovation to ensure that the gems you buy are guaranteed without contradiction. Jewelry Vrai & Oro was produced in 2014 on the basis of quality, simplicity and transparency. They also work to find traditional jewelery manufacturing methods.

Light Earth
Brilliant Earth offers diamonds from suppliers who adhere to stringent requirements that restore diamond origin in line with international trade, labor and environmental standards. Mark uses recycled precious metals in stylish pieces and as an alternative to using recycled or diamonds in the laboratory.

Brilliant Earth continues to produce conflicting diamond jewelery; They work together to raise awareness of diamond trade, mining, environmental impact, and mining and work related issues.

If you know other signs of ethical jewelery or have ideas about ecological marriage, share them with our loved ones.

Make sure you visit Mary’s “mind Sun” Expo if you have journalists who meet your wedding humanitarian and ecological values.

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