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GEMSTONE WEDDING RING SETS – Want to get rid of traditional engagement rings? Instead, choose a beautiful necklace. However, don’t choose jewelry based solely on aesthetics. You also need to consider other factors such as stone hardness and abrasion resistance, clarity and durability, and optical properties.

The next ten jewels make beautiful engagement rings. They combine beautiful stones, beautiful colors and impressive performances. As far as possible, you can add something to any conceivable jewelry style.


Colored diamonds
Give the tradition to colored diamonds. Diamonds are enviable qualities. Hardness is 10, diamonds are more resistant to gemstone scratches. This quality is very important for ring stones. They also have exceptional shine and spread, their ability to turn white light into shades or “pieces” (but other gems can overcome diamonds this way).

About one in 10,000 diamonds has a natural color. Colors with the strongest colors are more popular and therefore cost more. Colored diamonds are Canarian yellow, pink, pastel green, striking black and champagne. Pink diamonds are the most expensive.

Sapphire is a reputation for royal jewelery. You don’t have to go back in time to see the evidence. Cambridge Duchess, Cambridge, Kate Middleton got the Princess Diana, the princess mother of the ring, the sapphire ring. Other celebrities and celebrities such as Empress Josephine, Penelope Cruz and Elizabeth Hurley were engagement rings with sapphires.

Although sapphires are usually blue, they are in all shades (except red). In addition, these beads show pleocrine, two different colors, depending on the viewing angle. Some rare samples may also vary in color according to the light source. Star sapphire, another rare variety, produces a striking visual effect called asterism.

Hardness 9, sapphires are one of the heaviest natural gems except diamonds. Excellent stone jewelry, especially engagement rings. Safari is one of the most sought after and most expensive jewelry in the world.

Want more options for real jewelery? Consider the emerald, the “jewel of kings”. Emeralds are known as Cleopatra’s chosen gemstone and are beautiful green tones from light to darkness and depth.

Hardness 8 Emeralds withstand scratches, but require special precautions. In the garden or in emeralds with inclusions and fractures, each stone is unique. However, they can also affect brightness and duration. As a result, emeralds often receive oil-based oil-based treatments that need to be reused over time. Never clean emerald green gems with ultrasonic, steam or sculptures.

The choice of emeralds requires extra strength, but because of their color and rarity, they are particularly popular for fingers. Before making a decision, read more about buying emeralds.

Rubin gives a warm statement when he sits in a refreshing ring. Rubies are red corundum. All other gemstones are considered sapphires. It shares the sapphire hardness and durability, even though ruby ​​tends to get more treatments and improvements. Blood red dove, soft purple-red, medium dark shade and bright saturation, the most sought after ruby ​​color.

Ruby Heart’s durability, rarity and love and association make it a suitable (though expensive) alternative to engagement rings. The Ruby Center, surrounded by diamonds, would be a ring.

Amethyst jewelry is a beautiful and popular alternative to diamonds. This beautiful quartz contains colors ranging from light lavender to dark purple. They have a hardness of 7 and have no cutting surface, making them difficult to scratch or break. (By the way, the gemstones must be at least 7 hardness to avoid scratches that have a lot of danger: house dust).

Amethysts “Rose de France” and “Siberian”, with dark purple and red flashing, are loved ones. Colors or colors make beautiful jewelry. At first glance, a pearl with symbolic relationships to relaxing passions seems to be a strange alternative to an engagement ring. Anderersemodria is a love that is prepared for a sustainable and compromise.

The turquoise family includes many different colors. Some, like the famous Watermelon Tourmaline, also have two or three different color zones. Just like quartz, their hardness is 7 and without décolleté, which makes engagement ring selection very difficult. All tourmaline types have glass gloss. This means that their surfaces resemble glass when light falls on them. Some species also change color in different light sources, while other species have an optical effect called chatoyance (cat eye).

The final types of popTurmaline are:

Tourmaline hurtsvera or verdelítica, easily accessible and practical.
Chrome tourmaline, rare green tourmaline, emerald green color, chrome.
Tourmaline rubelid, beautiful raspberry red with dark red jewelery.
Blue or indole tourmaline, buds from light to dark and moderate saturation, usually more expensive than green green.
Paraiba Tourmaline, a rare and expensive, almost newborn blue, copper.

lemon yellow
You can easily understand why Citrine has become a popular choice for engagement ring. Their colors can range from clear yellow lemon to golden and even brown to champagne. The so-called “Madeira” citrine has a strong orange color with red color and is sold at the highest prices. Sitrin has a permanent physical characteristic of all kinds of quartz, such as amethyst. So they make excellent shimmering stones.

Although the shell shells are often red, there are more colors than any other precious stones. (In fact, garnet is a jewel family like tourmaline and it contains many different species). You will also find white, brown, orange, yellow, green, violet and even very rare stones. The peel types have a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 and are not distributed. When they are cut into cushions, hearts or circles, they are big stones for the engagement ring.

Rare green Demantoid grenades are very popular. They have better diamond clarity and dispersion.
The color of the Tavoritne grenades is emerald green. However, they have more endurance, clarity and spread than emeralds. Smaller size makes it easier to find them on the market.
You can no longer turn orange into a rare mandarin grenade. This exceptional gem is a beautiful glow.

Malaya or Malaya shells are available in many red and orange shades, pink and peach. Some stones also show a color change, and when a multicolored, bright or shimmering red strobe flashes along the gemstones.
Rhodolite shells have violet colors like rubies. Some pearls of daylight can turn the purple-red color into a blue lamp.

Light blue and turquoise blue tones can give engagement rings the quality of dreams. These gems may look good or may have diamonds around them, especially in the circle. Aquamarines, like emerald, belong to the jewelry beryl. They also have an exceptional hardness of 7.5 – 8. However, aquamarines have a longer lifespan than their emerald brothers and do not require special care or cleaning.

While jewelery with deeper blue can cost more, even bright shades can make beautiful jewels whose beauty resembles the sea. Some rare aquamarine buds may have asterism and cat effects.

Looking for a completely different tire? Consider the opal gem. They look like a unique optical phenomenon of gemstones, a combination of colors. These colored flashes move on the surface of the stone. Opal can also display many bold colors as well as unusual patterns with imaginary imagery such as floral and harlequine. Reeds are as diverse as other gems with their own terminology and rating system.

Of all the colored beads that are spoken here, the droplets need the most attention. They have a low hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 and are therefore highly scratch-resistant. They are also very sensitive to temperature changes. The stories of opalism were interrupted when they moved from room temperature to cold winter. The nest has a high water content. When they are dehydrated, they can “make their own” or break out. These gemstones have special requirements for storage and cleaning. You need to know something about choosing Opal.

For example, opal rings require security settings. Just like glasses, Steinkans is covered with metal.

If it is set up properly or the sun is surrounded by complementary gemstones, the opals of the engagement rings look good. Opal ring never looks like another.

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