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Drum bottles … Ladies and gentlemen, I will give you: tire management.

Driven by a growing number of future homosexuals and homosexuals, the accepted proposal for marriage marriage, the management of Ring Men (MR) is the latest addition to the bride. It represents continuous seismic changes in the presence and sex relationships of the United States.


The story of the Engagement Ring dates back to 1477, when Maximilian, Austria’s Secretary General, donated the first Mary Burgundy. But no one knows what girl gave the child the first MR.

Roots MR is during the Alliance history. According to Dr. Stephanie Coontz, author of Marriage, A History obedience to the intimacy of Americans used wedding bands’ 20s, ‘jewel-launched a campaign to make them popular’ at the beginning of the year with little progress. It was very common in the sixties and seventies when new reciprocal ideas emerged , as the traditional lofty opinion increased. People’s freedom is to prevent adultery. ”

Coontz admits: “I have no historical precedent for the Human Rights Management Network”. After a thorough study, I did not find examples of an American woman who gave MRI spouse until 2008. Then Beyonce announced her success. Unique women (play it). Some have interpreted their mysterious words in the sense that a helpless girl takes the initiative and proposes marriage with a friend, otherwise she will leave her. So you have to listen to the gospel Beyoncé: “If you want, you have to put the ring on it.”

In September 2008, MR visited his historic first audience. Singer Jennifer Hudson, who earlier this month spun the world of Grammy tribute to Whitney Whitney Houston, offered $ 15,000 diamonds and platinum friend wrestler trained at Harvard David Otunga. His passionate designer Neil Lane, said: “Diamonds are always the best friend girl, but now we have the point where a small Blaze reached the best friend of man.”

The ring was now what the boy shook. British Jeweler H Samuel was the first major international retailer to disclose the development of 2009, offering a line of MR “elegant and elegant” called Tioro: titanium bracelet with a small diamond that costs 89.99 pound men

In the same year, singer Michael Bublé, who won three Grammy Awards, presented a new MR featured by actress Louisiana Lopilito. Your country of origin, Argentina, is one of the few countries where Engagement rings are common. In Brazil, two brides usually brought simple tires with their right hand when they were lazy and moved to the left after signing the contract. The pairs of Finland and Yemen also follow this ritual.

In the US, MR’s arrival is newer and more spectacular. During the bubble engagement, made a survey among women who asked, “Do you want to call your boyfriend for a wedding ring?

This number can be much higher today. Find a Men’s Attractive Ring on and find 26208 products. I asked Adam Adouriane, a jewelery designer in Los Angeles, if he saw a slight increase in activity: “Yes,” he replied. “Over the past three years I have seen buyers, especially women, to grow by at least 20%.”

The changing demand for women is the most important factor in this change. Feminist women believe that the traditional engagement ring was unjust in nature. In an article released on, Meghan O’Rourke summed up this allegation, “The wedding ring clearly indicates the position of women in the sexual currency, and a large and clear sign saying” pass no response “, meaning that anyone who uses and purchases he pays when he is free of all signs and misuses his marriage. ”

MR corrects gender imbalance. It is clear that the gentleman comes to the passage. Right now they just want women, Adourian says: “They want to confirm, want to be people’s owners, they want everyone to know they’re out of the market.” ”

The second reason for MRI is growing: a major change in the ritual of the homosexual court in the United States. Eight years ago gay marriage was illegal in all countries and only a small part of Americans supported it. Gallup said in 2011 that six states and a legitimate homosexual marriage in Washington DC were first supported by Americans (54%) of gay marriage. The new demand for wedding wear has created the “Ring Man Gay Element” market as a logical step towards the “Man-Trimonia”.

In fact, couples of the same sex negotiate partnership for at least ten years, “says John Ferguson, 69, a marketing consultant at Hewlett Packard. He and his friends began trading in 1984, moved together in 1987 and agreed to be in the year 2001. “We bought a $ 100 gold ring of 10 diamonds on a microscopic line to replace the mine and told her,” What did we want to say to each other and what we expected we called each other because we changed the ring. ”

Among the heterosexual couples, the Protestant Church quietly encouraged MR’s tendency to end the strong fall in Christian marriage. Pastor James Brunel, protagonist of the Anglican Church, explains: “The cord rings are the natural physical expression of the marriage of a Christian marriage, a mutual exchange that embodies commitment but allows for a unique expression.”

The exact nature of new rituals for personal care varies by couple. From time to time, a man chooses and purchases a tire; Sometimes couples do it together; But above all (60% in Adourian), the woman organizes everything.

John Biagiotti, owner of Kalamedia’s Metamorphosis Jewelry, says: “When a couple comes, no matter, he just wants a woman to be happy.” This suspicion has been strengthened in this month’s publication. Men’s Health: 83% of brides or husbands said they would not use MR.

According to Adourian MR is, as 17% want a serious step, “My customers are very heavy, they want to reflect the right image can cause great controversy of couples.”

Some diamonds are a source of diamonds: “Many people are afraid that they are also feminine,” says Adouria, an Armenian gemstone learned in Lebanon. The timing of the diamond rings is good when I use 14 carat white gold that costs only $ 1,500, my wife loves me like me. spokeswoman Vincent La Rosa encourages Wolfram to finish the diamond with “masculine” materials. He has to face all women: “You need to find a ring that not only provides your comfort, but also the one that suits you.” On Monday you can not show all your books, friends, diamond groups like yours. Tungsten carbide is the perfect combination of men and women, and dark mascara, the most difficult metal market that is never used, but now is the ring that you will never want to remove. ”

Some people are against diamonds, like John Ferguson: “I do not like the unpleasant marketing, trade and practice of diamonds, all related to classics and racism.”

Other men are irreversible women’s diamonds. For these people, a number of durable and durable materials have been proposed: steel, cobalt, titanium, tinsel and even rings. Some tires have machines such as “power”, “rope” or “gothic”.

John Biagiotti gets the most men’s tire in the market, consisting of dinosaur and meteorites. Explain: “My tires full of meteorite came from the atmosphere of the universe and now create incredibly powerful and stable rings, my dinosaur rings are a total of 65 million years old dinosaur bones, their drawings and colors are very attractive with effective dizziness.”

Biagiotti and Adourian agree that most men use tires on the same ring finger on the left as female colleagues. This tradition of dates of marriages in ancient Egypt and Rome papyrus rings clings to the third third left fingers, which includes a veil, a veil of love that went through the heart.

Alternative space evolves. H. Samuel orders that MR be “put on the fingers of your left hand and then with your right hand a ring of fingers to marry”.

Biagiotti asked men to place an MRI middle finger on their left hand and add a covenant or medical ring to their finger at the time of their marriage. “I think it’s a good idea that men buy two rings,” Biagiotti admitted. “In the jewel industry, we always want to create a market that does not exist.

This commercial greed is understandable in view of this new wedding. In Biagiotti creations begin their $ 900 masterpiece, “Ring Nine Plans for Meteorites and Gemstones” for $ 4200 Gibeon in nine parts carved by hand. The jewels that represent the planets of our solar system, all within 18 maps. (“This delicate ring is not recommended for people who work in construction,” warns Biagiotti.)

Adourian strives for the top market. The average buyer pays $ 7,000 to NCM. A web page where some of its tires,, announce that the “two or three months pay policy”. Adourian recently sold a charred yellow diamond ring to the famous Hollywood couple who shared a $ 100,000 price list.

As a developer, I’m not an MR enthusiast. Grandmother gave me a sapphire and a diamond at the age of 15 on a ring finger and said, “Give this woman and woman,” I never left a velvet box. I am proud Gamophobesta. Yes, like the name without a name that invented “human control”, I also found a new word: Gamophobia (n) fear of marriage. [C21: Greek Gamosa (marriage) + Phobos (fear)]. ANT: Gamofilia. My game bubble will be strengthened for every new difference with my friend. I see marriage as three rings: commitment, tire and suffering. I agree with Noel Coward ( “Sometimes I thought about marriage, when I thought about it”) and Mae West ( “Marriage is a great institution, but I’m not ready for it).”

As this distinguishes Gamfobia as an objective observer of magnetic resonance, I have an overview of the opinions of friends and colleagues, men and women; married and the only homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual

MR’s main supporters were gay or bisexual men. John Ferguson, who officially last year’s marriage boyfriend after being legitimized by unions of homosexuals in New York, said with enthusiasm: “This is a good idea, a great opportunity for couples to have a traditional relationship, work or shop, it looks strange!

Women were also very useful, defined as equality and marriages. Everyone said that it was important to bury the age of marriage involving men who treated women as personal property.

Martha Frankel, accompanied by Brazilian Sexy: Secrets of a beautiful and safe life, warned that a magnetic resonance may be the opposite effect is guaranteed because of loyalty to a man. “In some fashion in the Single Life, people have realized that the adorable puppies of the union attract other women, and what was meant by the fact that the man had been in the market is responsible for the red robe matadori.

Maddy Miller, one of New York’s most prominent photographers, said, “What happens if a woman pays more for a man’s ring? Would you be hurt if his diamond felt smaller?” What if Cartier? And how does the grandmother know about her partner who will soon use her gemstone? If a couple leaves, can I stay with her and give her her next girlfriend? There must be a management agreement for management!

Carmen Ross, married to two children and a human rights activist, introduced a pan-European sexual position “can finally marry gay in this country, I say, show, dear” Wearing engagement ring.

British, had a little love MR, expressed by Marie Phillips, the author of the best selling London gods bad behavior: “A fool that I thought it was just a presence ring, my husband would not know I would not be married.”

heterosexual heterosexual men (a population group that is supposed to be useful because the winding cores) are actually the most terrible opponents of MR. Paul Janaka, 36, California, lives in his girlfriend Yorkshire, Islington. He is the author of a guide that tells people to betray women, attraction is called attraction. When he sent me the following e-mail: “Ask a man who in recent months relatively free their ability to communicate with other Gesc.coquetear wrong – put a number of élErique stops the biggest act on both sides of the commercial and the sign of the male reproductive system.”

Finally, the MR problem can be a combination of two great British values: discretion and imagination. Pastor James, Pastor Cleckheaton, offers an epiphanic Future Vision gemstone day in his congregation Yorksnajam: “I know a very discreet pair that changed the rings, though not so obvious.

I did not ask if the bones of dinosaurs were not.