JEWISH WEDDING RINGS – If you think of Hatton Garden, you will likely see stores selling extra jewelery. This is an ideal place for couples dedicated to London to gather engagement rings and wedding rings.

Hatton Garden Street is located in Holborn, Camden, London. The name comes from Sir Christopher Hatton, Queen Elizabeth I’s loyal love.


This is the jewelery area in London and in the middle of the diamond trade. Today, Hatton Garden has around 300 companies and more than 55 stores. This makes Hatton Garden the largest series of jewelry in the UK.

In addition to jewelery, Hatton Garden has a long history among Jewish residents and has many companies and lay people and hare companies. We are investigating why Hatton Garden has a long history with the Jews and for what reason.

Why are the Jews involved in the jewelery industry?

Jews participated in jewelery in mainland Europe in the fifteenth century. In this history, the Catholic Church defined the daily life of history and the laws of the country. One of these laws states that the Church prohibits Christians from manipulating goods or money, which means that Jews can use the opportunity to play an important role in corporate financial services and diamond trading.

As Jews were expelled from Spain and Portugal at the end of the fifteenth century, many of them lived in Belgium, particularly in Antwerp, an important port of European trade. Antwerp already had about 90% of stainless and polished diamond trade.

Hatton’s reputation for diamond sales begins in the late 19th century, when Belgian De Beers sold all his rock in London.

From war to today.

During World War II it was in the street or one of many basketball cafes on the street. Prices are negotiated and agreed with the handling and “mazel” scholarships.

After the Holocaust, those who could escape or survive in Belgium had little or no equipment, but they had years of experience in diamond trade. As a result, they built relationships and formed companies to continue the diamond trade.

It was only in the sixties when physical jewelery appeared in the street. Son of East Jewish Immigrant Laurence Graff opened the first Hatton Garden jewelry factory in 1962.

One of the most famous gold medalists in the area is Abrahams Diamonds, Simon Lewis and E Katz, as well as Co Just Outside Hatton Garden. Another famous brand is Michael Platt Jewelry