HAWAIIAN WEDDING RINGS SETS – Brandon and Megan Schumacher can finally breathe.During the tasty honeymoon, Brandon lost his alliance. After a few weeks, with the help of a good Samaritan and a very useful text in the group, she returned with her finger.

“I removed the tire from using the sunglasses because I was tired of sunscreen products,” ABC News told Brandon, “26” I thought you could not get rid of it if it was on your nose. You have to look carefully before using it. But then I started playing with GoPro, I was distracted and then I hit the sand and washed them to wash them.


“After an hour and a half I realized I was not wearing a ring, and I was afraid,” he added.The couple swam in the rocks of the beach and then moved to a quieter location about 100 meters away. When they noticed the ring was missing, they also went where they thought they were missing.

“I went back where I took her out and looked for about an hour,” Brandon said. “My wife went to the beach bar and told him about a man whose main job was to use a metal detector to find connections, we called him and spent several hours looking for something.”

On the next day, July 5, a few planned honeymoon activities were made to make the trip the best, while the metal detector was still trying successfully.

When they traveled, the couple heard a radio report in New York without losing $ 187,000 after submitting a police report. They followed this tip and presented the report the same day. Local lenders failed to ensure success.

Obsjrabre, Schumacher left the island to return home and accepted that they had to order a new tire.Brandon Ring wrote a very important reference: the coordinates of the church where the couple was involved.

After he had ordered a replacement ring on July 11, his wife Megan said he was at peace with losing him and discovering that it was only a material object.

Then an unexpected boat came. On July 18, the Church Secretary sent you excellent news by email. The Oregon man who was on holiday with his family in Mau found the tire.

“It was seventy in the afternoon, and it was almost dark,” Brandon said, explaining that the man Dean Barnes and his wife Young described the discovery of the ring. “They went deep into the ankles, and his wife saw something dark in the water, saw the dark spot and went to him, pushing when the water did not come back, picking it up and noticing it was an alliance.”

Barnes told him that they noticed the figures inside, but they didn’t mean anything until they showed zeta and their daughter in the apartment. Translate confirmed that it had contacts and placed it on Google.

“He brought it straight to our church,” Brandon said.At that time they said, “My God, this couple gets the tire back,” Megan added.

And that’s exactly what happened. The Church has helped bring together two groups of aliens who are happy about the happiness of the house they belong to.

When Brandon and Megan wanted to offer the Barnes Award, they refused.”I told Megan that it wasn’t our ring and that he didn’t owe us anything,” Dean Barnes wrote in a letter describing the whole saga. The only thing I asked was that Megan and Brandon would return to Mau or take another holiday, have fun and leave the tires home.

“After all,” says the letter, “I told Megan we didn’t do anything and that God earned” full “honor, none of us did anything.”

Schumacher agreed that it is more important to bring Brandon Ring home than happiness.”There were too many things,” Brandon said. “When you were in the right place at the right time, walking in the water, you had to have coordinates, everything, and it worked well, looked back and it was too much coincidence.”